Twin stories

When you are married to an identical twin, it can mess with your kids’ minds…

Waaaaay back in the day when Lizard Breath was I dunno maybe like 13 months maybe? We went over to help the UU and The Beautiful Gay (and their three kids) move house. Late in the evening, the UU and I went out somewhere to get a beer. The GG stayed behind with HIS/OUR DAUGHTER Lizard Breath. Was she a happy camper? NOOOOO she was NOT! She wasn’t quite yet able to use words to articulate her experience but she DEFINITELY thought that the GG and I (her parents) had left her behind with the UU (her uncle). “Are my parents ever coming back to get me?”

Years and years later… The UU and TBG had their first grandchild. At a family party when this young man was very young, the GG carried him around for a while and the kid was happy… Until… His Grandpa Bob walked up. Double-take and then complete shut down. There’s my granddad so who the heck is this character carrying me. I thought *he* was my grandpa!

Fast forward a few years. The UU and TBG now have six grandchildren. At the cFam partay last night, one of the younger ones said to her grandfather, “Are you Grandpa Bob or the other one?”. As a follow-up to this, apparently after the party she said, “I have two Grandpa Bobs.” Yes you do sweetheart.

Me? Married to an identical twin? I can always tell the difference if I am looking at the twin I’m talking to. If one of them is walking behind me and talking sometimes I’m not sure. Make no mistake, I quickly figure it out.

One Response to “Twin stories”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That would be tough. Do you think they’re identical in every way, and you notice because of other things like glasses or beards?