Jigsaw butts on a sluggy xmas

I am not [usually] much of a jigsaw puzzler but they are starting to become one of our xmas traditions (if you can call them traditions) and I like being in the room with the puzzlers.

It was actually a pretty darn blah day for me. I kicked the turkey day cold virus to the curb last week. Alas, yesterday I started getting congested *again*. I am not sick (i.e., feverish or whatever), just annoyed as all getout. At any rate, I hung out next to a Kleenex box most of the day. I bagged my 0-skunk-30 walk and a family walk to Miller Woods and I didn’t even put any eye makeup on until about five o’clock. Maybe I picked this thing up at the family party last weekend? At least it is not a vomiting bug. But I was a slug today. Good thing I did a whole bunch of cooking, etc., the last few days.

I think this is the first xmas since I have had two children that I didn’t spend the whole gift-unwrapping session worrying about whether I had gotten them an EQUAL amount of gifts. When they were small it always seemed like somebody ended up with more packages. Or maybe they just opened them at different rates? This year people were good about submitting wish lists and I randomly encountered a *few* unlisted things that seemed appropriate. As always, I have no problem with people re-gifting or donating items that aren’t perfect for them. We all have toooooo much stuff.

Me? Apparently various miscommunications occurred and I received a couple of duplicates. That was okay (not to mention hilarious). One was a Chico’s skirt from my wish list and as soon as I opened it I knew I would want two. If you wear a “uniform”, it is always good to have some duplicates. The other was smartwool leggings. I can always use more of those, not to mention baklava balaclavas 🐽.

I finished my 99th book of the year today. A magical book as far as I was concerned, The Ten Thousand Doors of January. Might not be everyone’s cup of tea but I loved it. Think portals.

One Response to “Jigsaw butts on a sluggy xmas”

  1. Margaret Says:

    My gifts were pretty silly but my kids seemed to like them. Baklava, YUM. 😉 That book sounds interesting, and Tonya liked it too.