The Softest Snort

I guess I am emulating my aunt Bubs in a way tonight. There’s an old story about her three daughters hiding in the closet and jumping out at her ONE AT A TIME and scaring the bejeebus out of her each time. If I have it right, that means ALL of them were in the closet at the same time and every time Bubs went to the closet, a different child jumped out at her.

This evening, my beach urchins are here and one of them has snuck up on me TWICE to quietly SNORT right next to my ear. Making me jump a MILE. The second time she did it, after I recovered, I said, “Well it is MEEEEE who has all of the lights out.” Except for the twinkle lights. I love the dark of the solstice but you can’t see if someone sneaky is sneaking up on you.

It’s okay. It was a fun day except for the part where the GG was driving over to Chez Harry and made an illegal turn ON PURPOSE, we were arguing about it (acting like Grandroobly). We were perfectly safe but I was soooo glad Mr. Policeman was not around. I drove us home. The GG needed a nap. Anyway, we met up with Chez Harry and Bubs and some of their branch of the fam at the Griz. My Dear Uncle Harry invited us to his house for eggnog (spiked or not) after lunch so we headed over there for a short while. Harry was nodding off (this is typical and we love him). The GG was not far behind him. Five or whatever deer were hanging out in Chez Harry’s wooded yard but I did not even try to get a pic with my iPhone. It has a decent camera but this particular scene required something a bit more high powered. Opening the door to go outside to take the pic would have undoubtedly spooked the deer.

This tray and glasses (there are six glasses) are really not my style but way back in the day I was at Kitchen Port with The Commander and somehow they spoke to me and The Comm *loved* them and was also *dying* to buy me something. So here they are and we are using them for the holidays. I’ll put them away after New Year’s Day or maybe in February.

One Response to “The Softest Snort”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I love those glasses! I was startled one day when I opened the door to the garage, and Ryan and Ashley were coming in. I may have shrieked quite a bit!