I wonder as I wander through the parking structure…

In which two white Ford SUV-type vee-hickles are parked next to each other and nobody can figger out which one is a vee-hickle of porterization. *I* finally figgered it out because of the renewal month on the license plate. Don’t get me wrong. I think the vee-hickle owner knew which vee-hickle was which, he just didn’t manage to communicate that info to the rest of us. Compared to some of our other parking structure adventures, this one was a piece of cake. No stuck elevators or alley entrances. And nobody put their laundry in the wrong vee-hickle but the laundry adventure did not involve a parking structure or porterization.

Downtown was not all that busy tonight (although I bet the neighborhood Knight’s was). We did the Red Hawk tonight and the GG was able to get a window seat. The Red Hawk has somehow made it into our loose rotation of Friday night restaurants of porterization. For a number of years it was the Oscar Tango every Friday with an occasional jag to the Griz. Before all of this the Red Hawk was one of our regular faves and now we are going there again. Duck quesadillas for me please!

We bagged doing a nightcap tonight. The GG has business with FlaMan and others in the cFam tomorrow. The GG asked did I want to help with this endeavor? NO! He said something like, “You are too smart.” Yes. Yes I am. In truth, although I am not deathly ill, I am still hacking up a lung from Cold Number Two. Outdoor aerobic exercise feels good. Schlepping furniture and boxes of crapola around does not seem like the right thing.

I am so taaaared I’m about to fall over so g’night!

One Response to “I wonder as I wander through the parking structure…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Hope your cold is gone by now!