The shortest day

Okay, I know today is not the shortest day of the year. Mr. Golden Sun began his northward swing a couple weeks ago. I guess grayest day is probably a more accurate description. Pretty dreary. It was dry when I took my 0-skunk-30 but it was also blacker than the ace of spades (which I actually like). By the time I went out to retrieve the garbage carts, it was, hmmm, let’s call it “actively misting”. Precipitation increased and turned into snow but not the pretty kind of snow, this snow melted as it hit the ground and later froze. Oh, it wasn’t slippery at all. Just droplets of ice here and there.

Or maybe boringest day would be appropriate. Fugly as it was outside, I hung around the Landfill *all* day putting xmas away. I pulled 150-plus ornaments off the tree (yes I counted), plus a bunch of stuff that didn’t get hung up. Organized it all and sorted out a bunch of crumpled up balls of tissue paper and bubble wrap and ziplock bags, etc., that we use to pack things up. What a MESS!

The tree is still standing. I’ll let the GG deal with the tree and lights. No doubt he’ll find an ornament or two that I’ve missed. It was one of those days when you don’t feel like you’re accomplishing anything much until you are done! Well, mostly done. I have a bit more to do tomorrow.

BTW, this task felt daunting to me so I picked at it Fly Lady style (bite-sized pieces) in between reading the second book in Philip Pullman’s “His Dark Materials” series. I know these books used to hang around the Landfill back in the day. Why did I not read them then? Oh, yeah. Husband, octogenarian parents, teenagers, pets, YAG and other volunteer jobs.

My Man Cold is finally leaving the building! I am still coughing but the spasms are sporadic now and usually correspond to changes in activity or environment. Like getting out of bed, going outside, eating, talking a blue streak. I don’t think I used my voice all day except maybe to curse to myself. Hmmm, just tested and do NOT sound like Froggy any more! Yay!

One Response to “The shortest day”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I loved “His Dark Materials!” I’m mostly un-decorated except for the girls’ snow globes which I usually leave out through January.