Memes of war…

Okay, I am not well versed in history or war or politics but I think I am still entitled to an opinion or two. A lot of people jumped to the conclusion that the latest swing of the Orange Baboon’s sledgehammer will result in another war. I’m waiting for evidence that there was an actual threat requiring the Idjit in Charge to take what seems to be a reckless action. His intelligence agencies counseled him to do this? What? He denigrates U.S. intelligence agencies at every opportunity and now he is suddenly taking their advice? I’m not optimistic. And I smell a rat. Or a baboon. But War with Iran? We’ll see…

We of the web application development world are dismayed (that word is probably a bit strong) for our own reasons. For several years, my team has been tasked with enhancing our product so that it is compliant with American Disabilities Act (ADA) standards. This is a difficult task from the get-go. The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) are *guidelines*. We are accustomed to working with *requirements*, which are (on a good day) very specific. Without going on and on, I’ll just say this has been quite a learning curve for us and a lot of flying in the dark.

But then… We are not getting clear direction from our corporation on when we need to implement these changes. Why? Because. They are waiting for the Department of Justice to weigh in. Hello? Hello? Department of Juuuustiiiiice? Is anyone hoooooome? Maybe the DOJ is in KTLO mode? Hmmm, I don’t see any lights on in there. Another war may not seem to have anything to do with our efforts but it will definitely detour resources from positive changes to our society. Like helping disabled people use the world wide web. Including wounded disabled soldiers returning from ridiculous, useless wars started by narcissistic sociopathic idiots.

Trump and the current DOJ may not give a flyin’ you-know-what about the ADA or WCAG. So what if a blind person can’t see something on the web? I am here to tell you that Corporate America *is* working to make our web applications more compliant, whether or not the US government cares, and on our own damn dollar. We are not perfect but we do care about our users.

Home from an evening of porterization at Knights. My Bar Buddies (before getting seated) tonight included a man who attended Forsythe Middle School in the 1980s, i.e., probably 10 years before the beach urchins. His kids also went to Forsythe and then Skyline High. If we’d had a few more minutes, I may have had the presence of mind to ask if MYA (Middle Years Alternative) existed at Forsythe when he was in attendance there… Before that happened, porterization ensued complete with terlet talk and then our table was ready.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    It’s a difficult time to try to be optimistic. The expression “going to hell in a handbasket” comes to mind.