Quicky bday post

Oh, not my bday although a bit of ridiculous unwanted drama has surrounded that upcoming anniversary 🐽. I somehow managed to start it against my own principles and better judgment 🐽 but it’s okay, we’re sorting it out.

Tonight we celebrated the birthday of one of our dear friends of porterization. Her actual birthday was yesterday (also The Commander’s bday and Richard Nixon’s while we are at it and I fergit who else’s).

We ate at Amadeus, which is a wonderful restaurant that serves Polish food. They have a great whine list but they don’t really specialize in craft cocktails, not that we are all that interested in craft cocktails. Just “Bartender, I’ll have a Manhattan”. Tonight the GG was able to get a top-notch ‘hattan there. I stuck with cabernet and the bottle of claret that Mr. Porter ordered.

I somehow arrived before anyone else and mentioned to our waiter that I had walked to the restaurant. He asked where I walked from and I said I lived near the Plum Market. Turns out that he lives in my neighborhood! The definitive statement was “I vote at Haisley School”. Yes, so do I. I didn’t say anything about all the years I hung out at Haisley schlepping my beach urchins there and doing all kinds of volunteer work. He was kind of surprised that I had walked that far and said he was a “bus guy”. I understood that. I *love* the bus and it is very easy to get downtown and back from our neighborhood.

That’s enough for now. It was a great evening but I am done done done.

Love y’all,
Kayak Woman

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Birthdays are a great excuse to celebrate! I prefer to walk rather than bus, if at all possible. I’m not very familiar with the procedures on busses and that makes me nervous.