Pluviophile premonitions

The GG drove up to Flint this morning to take some lamps and things to our brother FlaMan. I was glad to get rid of the lamps. They were my mother’s floor lamps and I don’t really like floor lamps.

I didn’t really think the GG should drive up to Flint this morning because the weather seemed iffy. Actually I had a serious premonition about it. We had heavy rain here on the Planet Ann Arbor but north of here the gods were predicting ice. And so that is what the GG ran into. When he drove into FlaMan’s parking lot, it was slippery. He dropped off the lamps and told FlaMan that he had planned to visit for a bit but the roads were icy and he really needed to get back down to the Planet Ann Arbor.

So the GG was driving back down and the roads were bad and some young punk passed the GG at a high rate of speed and… Spun out… And ping-ponged back and forth across the freeway. SOMEHOW… The GG stopped something like 10 feet away from the crash and SOMEHOW the semi-truck behind him managed to stop too. The GG dialed 911 and then he called meeeee, which totally freaked me out. He was driving Mooon Yoonit, which is a brand new vee-hickle as of last summer and well…

Anyway, all is well. No one was hurt in the accident and the GG recovered via lunch at the Griz with Janel. The Griz was almost empty today, which was fun although we also enjoy it when it’s crazy.

One Response to “Pluviophile premonitions”

  1. Margaret Says:

    What a relief that the GG could stop and the semi too! Why I HATE ice, reason #1,000. Ugh. That looks like a yummy lunch!