Industrial tourism

Okay, today was not my blasted birthday but it seemed like a good day to meet up with our Dee-troit beach urchin so we met up with her and a friend for lunch at one our faves down there, Green Dot Stables. They have a huge menu of sliders and other small dishes and you can mix and match to your heart’s content. I usually order three sliders of various sorts and maybe steal a fry or two from somebody else. I didn’t do Mystery Meat today after our server told us it was camel. Hmm… Camel? Really? Hmm… I recently read a book that included camels who served in the USA Army and I just, uh, couldn’t… Our server wasn’t into it either.

I am not big into bday celebrations. There were years and years when the beach urchins didn’t live close enough to even think about coming home to celebrate ours and it was just the GG and meeeee and that was okay. Nowadays we all live within 20-45 minutes of each other and usually try to do *something* to get together somewhere near our birthdays. Mine is the hardest because it’s in January so who knows what Old Man Winter is gonna throw at us on any given day. Scheduling? Nope.

We had our generator ready for an ice storm last night. Well, what did we get? We did not get a full fledged ice storm but we had a light but slippery coating of snow-ice this morning. I was able to walk with YakTraks. Mr. Golden Sun was brilliant throughout the morning and I think we were hoping he would melt all of the snow but, y’know, he is still waaaaay down in the south and doesn’t quite have the strength to melt our ice. So, patches of ice persisted throughout the day. The freeways were pretty okay but a lot of Detroit sidewalks and the Green Dot’s parking lot were slippery as all getout. As were the streets in the downriver Detroit suburbs. Thick ice. Yes.

We like to drive around out in the woodsy wilderness but occasionally an urban industrial tour is in order. We are close to the Detroit River waterfront in the pic but we could not *to* the river because of all the big chain link gates with KEEP OUT signs on them. Ooooookay. There is almost NO traffic on the streets down there on a Sunday but we kept getting stopped at traffic lights when there was NO ONE coming from any direction. I’m not sure what this area is like on a week day but somehow I am guessing that there isn’t a whole lot more traffic than there was today.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Happy Birthday month! A celebration is good any time and for no reason at all. I bought both my Ohio and NY daughter YakTraks, and now they’re having 60 degree weather. WHAATTT?