A bit of spring color on No Politics Day

I walked into Cubelandia this morning. It was just about the fugliest in a long string of fugly days and a vase full of TULIPS was sitting in my cube. This was courtesy of my *loverly* boss, Amazon Woman. Somehow or other at some point in time I guess I must’ve ‘fessed up to what date No Politics Day fell on for me.

No Politics Day goes back a long way. Well, in one way it goes back more years than I am strong enough to count. In another way it only goes back to, oh I dunno, maybe about 2007 or so. I don’t feel like looking it up but it was back when the Orange Baboon was a real estate “tycoon”/reality show “star” and so had nothing to do with him.

My family(ies) have widely mixed polly-tickle views and mostly we agree to disagree and talk about our kids or botes whatever. But on the day No Politics Day was established, a bunch of us were draggin’ *ss at the Group Home at Hoton Lake and some people were ranting a bit about polly-ticks. I did not agree with them. I am not exactly Lefty Lulu but I have been called The Family Liberal before, which is a long fun not-particularly-blahggable story.

I decided that I get one day outta the whole year when I can actually kind of play queen-for-a-day and so I played my card and declared, “This is No Politics Day!” The Lord of Linden looked at me like I was nuts. I said it again. This time people kind of shrugged their shoulders and heh-heh-ed a bit. And THEN they stopped talking about polly-ticks.

This No Politics Day I did my chores and went to Cubelandia like I usually do unless the date falls on a weekend or MLK Day and the GG and I are cooking filets et al for 🐭/🦝 tonight. I didn’t ask for gifts but there is one on the dining table and I can’t wait to open up my new Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner. Er, at least I *think* that’s what it is. If so, it is for the moomincabin.

Cheers! -KW

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Happy Birthday, KW!!