Plowing and eating outta the freezer

Where are we with this? I went out to walk well before sunrise and it was so horrible that I bagged it. No one had shoveled yet and that was fine given that it was early on a Saturday morning and the storm was not over yet. But the snow was wet and heavy and *needles* were coming outta the sky. Okay, I am done.

The GG and others went out and ran their snowblowers mid-morning and I slodged over to the Plum Market to get a few ingredients for tonight’s chicken divan. There has been a bunch of cut up frozen chicken breast in the freezer for a while now and I’m working on getting rid of it.

We don’t usually expect the city to plow our street until after about five days or whatever and usually when they do, they leave a whole bunch of crapola in the middle of the Carbeck/Walter intersection. Today a very small truck with a plow on the front of it made multiple passes up and down the street. We think it was a city truck but not sure. The GG was not impressed and dragged out his blower *again* to clear the street, etc.

We’ve been playing lots of old music tonight. Earlier in the evening it was Fleetwood Mac. That made me remember a time the beach urchins were teenagers and we were driving up to the yooperland in two separate vee-hickles. I was driving the POC and the beach urchins were driving the Indefatigable or maybe the Dogha. We stopped for gas at Indian River. A young couple parked next to my POC were changing their newborn girl’s diaper in their car. My brain did a crazy time warp thing. Here I was tandem driving with a new driver and I was thinking about how these new parents would maybe be doing a similar thing 16 years later. For I dunno what reason I had Fleetwood Mac on repeat that summer.

One Response to “Plowing and eating outta the freezer”

  1. Margaret Says:

    If you bagged it, the conditions must have been rough! Like me, it’s rare for you to give up on a walk. I’ve always enjoyed Fleetwood Mac!