Shifting gears…

Once upon a time, My Old Coot was still alive and The Commander was bopping around like nobody’s business, gossiping with her friends (and me) about other people’s business and critiquing their clothing and, uh, appearance, etc. The Engineer (my bro) once referred to her as the Birch Point Telegraph. That was about right.

One of the things I miss about The Comm is getting on the phone with her and gabbing away. I am not a Phone Person in general but we had some good times back in the day. That was before talking to her on the phone emulated scenes from Fellini movies (to borrow from Uber Kayak Woman talking about phone calls with her own moom, my aunt Radical Betty). We’ll talk about the blood phone call some other day.

Anyway, during that period of time, she once told me that she changed the way she did “things” about every three years. I had young children then and often had to change the way I did “things” EVERY GODFORSAKEN DAY, sometimes multiple times. But somehow I grokked that she meant cooking/housekeeping routines.

I’m certainly not a carbon copy of The Comm (heaven forbid) but I do go through these kinds of changes in routine and my new thing is to make casseroles, etc. on the weekend that can be heated up as leftovers and keep various pieces of frozen protein at the ready if the leftovers run out by Thursday. I do NOT want leftovers after Thursday. We typically go out to eat Friday night and I want an empty refrigimatator so I can start again for the next week.

I am still getting the kinks out of this routine. Last night I asked the GG to buy some salmon down at Monahan’s in Kerrytown. He was all into it but he fergot. We have some leftover-y type dregs but no frozen pieces of protein. Edible but not all that much fun. It would be STOOPID to say we are anywhere near starving. The Planet Ann Arbor provides a cornucopia as do most US municipalities, even those in the yooperland. But we did not have enough food in our own refrigimatator to make a decent evening meal that *we* wanted to eat.

So… While I was doing my after-work chores, the GG happily schlepped over to the Plum to get a small piece of salmon and (surprise) a little beef filet. Surf and turf! And he is gonna grill it all. Yay!

And yes, I guess I sound a bit OCD and I am (but I try to keep that over in the corner where it belongs) but I am also not freaked out about throwing food away if it is old enough that I need to. And I am okay about somebody else helping cook dinner!

2 Responses to “Shifting gears…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I look back a couple years, then 5 years then 10 and everything in my life is SO different. I guess that should train me to expect and accept change. I love casseroles because I’m all about lots of ingredients and variety. 🙂

  2. Isa Says:

    Bop bop bop…. driiiiiifterino!