Slip ‘n’ slide

I wore my Yaks for my early morning walk. The temperature was above freezing but the sidewalks are still iffy where people have not adequately cleared and de-iced them. When the temperatures rise and fall, snow melts onto the sidewalks and re-freezes. Intermittently.

All the way to Cubelandia Mooon Yooonit proclaimed a 36 degree temperature and it was raining cats and dogs but it was NOT SLIPPERY! Our parking lot has been salted within an inch of its life and it looked like it was all wet. But as I walked around the back of my car to get my laptop out of the other side, I encountered a slippery spot. Oops. Okay. I picked my way through the lot. It was mostly not slippery but there were bits of black ice here and there and I could not for the life of me determine where the pavement was just plain wet or slippery.

I am loving the fog that materialized after the rain stopped this evening. When I was a kid we called this kind of weather a January Thaw. So far this winter I am more inclined to call this a mild winter. We’ll see what happens in February and March. I can remember a very mild January and February one long ago winter and then the first day of March, the temperature flipped down to about zero and hovered there for a few weeks. I had to report for jury duty that morning and I was not a happy camper. I don’t think I could get the POC’s window open to take the parking ticket.

That’s our sidewalk there and it is NOT slippery because The Pensioner blew the snow and then salted the heck out of it.

G’night, KW

One Response to “Slip ‘n’ slide”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Ice is incredibly nasty and also quite sneaky. We have lots of rain around here lately and warm temps, so I’m not worried–but if it hovers around freezing, it’s impossible to know if a shiny patch is slippery or not.