Keep outta mah country

That is The Commander and Canananada is in be background (to the right of the island) and she is waving her cane at meeee, not Canadian invaders. Canadians have occasionally ended up upon our beach because they were lost or their motor bote was outta gas or broken. The Canadians that typically end up on our beach are NOT migrants. They typically have their own homes/careers across the border. I don’t think most Canucks have any interest in crossing over into our Trumpian Bombasty. Not to mention that The Comm crossed the Canuckian border all the time to have lunch or watch films with her friends.

I finished the book “American Dirt” today. It is about an upper middle class woman born and raised in Acapulco who instantaneously becomes a migrant along with her son.

I loved the book. There is a lot of controversy surrounding it. I *think* most of it has to do with the fact that the author is not an immigrant and did not make the journey of the characters in her book.

Well so what? This is a work of fiction. There is the story of the main character trying to escape a drug cartel “king” that is possibly after her and her young son. And there are the stories of all the people she meets on her journey to el norte aka my own very imperfect country. In some ways, this book could be read as a series of short stories.

At any rate, our loverly country needs to deal with our immigrants as *people*.

One Response to “Keep outta mah country”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’ve heard good things about that book, and the same criticism. But since it’s not a memoir or non-fiction, it certainly shouldn’t be held to those standards.