Wink of blue

When I walked outside Cubelandia this afternoon I did a double take at the wee wink of blue. There were a few of those but Mr. Golden Sun was hiding behind a big thick cloud. I cannot remember the last day I saw even a wee wink of blue. Of course by the time I was halfway home from Cubelandia, any evidence of blue was gone.

I left it up to others to decide the Friday dinner venue and they chose the Red Hawk and that was fine with me. But the GG had to wait in a long line and then it took a long time to get porterized because… Oh my god. It is the first night of the FOLK FESTIVAL. Why did I let him choose the Red Hawk? Of all people, we should know that the Red Hawk is a go-to restaurant for the folk festival. We have ATTENDED the folk festival many years and WEEEE have often eaten at the Red Hawk the first night of the festival.

We did not buy tickets for the festival this year. I am not sure why. It’s up to the GG. Actually, I usually DON’T go to the festival. We usually give my tickets to someone else. I cannot stand to sit for that many hours and not all the performers play music I’m interested in and it can be LOUD. The first time I heard Iris Dement[ed] was at the folk festival and I just about had to cover my ears. Of all things, I grew to love Iris and I have willingly gone to see her at the Ark since then. An acquired taste but nowadays a beloved one.

Oh but then there was the year Kebmo was the Friday headliner. Um, okay. He came on at something like 11 PM and spent an eternity walking around the stage apparently trying to decide which one of his geeeeee-tars to use for his first song. C’mon, just pick one up and start playing. This kind of stuff continued throughout his set and I was having a hard time staying awake and finally the GG actually decided he’d had enough and THANKFULLY we left. And then as we were heading back over to the west side, well, delete a bunch of crapola about texting with a former “relative” to support her about her failing laptop or whatever device it was. Yes at 11:30 PM or so. Jeebus.

Anyway, the GG somehow got a window seat at the Red Hawk and we were eventually porterized and we all ate and then rode the bus temporary Porter Behemoth home and the sky is clear enough now that I can see the setting crescent moon.

G’night, KW

One Response to “Wink of blue”

  1. Margaret Says:

    We definitely need some of that blue! The rain has been torrential and relentless. I feel like Noah will be coming by soon with his ark. 😉 My friend Becky and I planned our trip to Austin, TX during the SBSW festival and that was NOT the smartest idea.