Hot diggety dish

Okay, Hot Dish sounds like kind of a hot mess to me. The ingredients include Campbell’s soup and un-named vegetables and “meat” and cheese. Meat? Hamburgler? Probably. I have probably eaten a version of Hot Dish umpteen million times in my life at church and other potlucks. I certainly didn’t die from it and I probably even liked it.

I suppose I am in the midwest. The Great Lake State is in the middle of the country so we are sort of a fly-over state. But we are a bit different than a lot of the other fly-over states in that we have our own huge convoluted coastline. I think some folks refer to us as the Third Coast and if you have seen the great lakes, that label fits.

Where the heck was I? Hot Dish. We never ate anything like Hot Dish when I was a kid on Superior Street. The Comm made “chop suey” when I was a little kid and hamburger helper when I was a teenager. I liked both of those things. At the hamburger helper time, The Comm was busy teaching high school students and hamburger helper was a new thing and why not? Looking back it seems like a quick way to make Hot Dish.

Nevertheless, I am not crazy about the idea of hot dish and I hope the Iowa caucuses focus on issues rather than regional food. Although I guess caucusers are *people* and have to eat and if Hot Dish is there, it needs to be eaten!

The pic? I was in the behemoth veehickle of porterization last night and I could not figger out how to get out! Does this look like a door handle to you? It looks like a juice box holder to me. Eventually I figgered it out.

One Response to “Hot diggety dish”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It does not look like a door handle to me either! I’ve never heard of hot dish, but when I was visiting in Iowa and there was a family potluck, I tried many interesting and unheard of casseroles. I think our culinary regional differences are much greater than we think…