Groundhog Day aka Candlemas

You can do the google all day to look up the origins of today’s date. It is a cross quarter day and that means that the winter season is halfway over! Yay! Except I am not all that excited because I know all too well that winter is not over up here until Old Man Winter stops throwing snowballs at us and I am here to tell you that he has thrown snowballs at me as late as *May*.

Today on this cross quarter day, Mr. Golden Sun FINALLY after I cannot count how many days of not showing his face SHOWED UP! BIG TIME! He even managed to heat us up to something like 50 degrees. When I went out for my 0-skunk-30 this morning, I had to use my Yaks. We had light snow ALL DAY yesterday but the temps were in the 30s so there was only a half inch or so on the sidewalks at the end of the day. Unfortunately that iced up like crazy over night so slippery crapola was everywhere. By the end of the day we had dry pavement. It won’t last… … …

It’s a couple times of year that Mr. Golden Sun is in the right position at the right time of day to light up my living room. I haven’t exactly kept track of when that is but I am wondering if the autumn cross quarter day is the other one except I think that is around Halloween and daylight savings time probably screws with it.

There’s that red guy we bought at a “farmers market” in Fla a couple years ago and there’s Ike the Fish. I bought him at the Sault Ste. Siberia art fair umpteen billion years ago. He won best of show so after I paid for him I agreed to let the artist keep him in her booth for the day and I made a rocket trip into Sault Ste. Siberia to pick him up at the end of the art fair. And then there’s that lamp… I am not crazy about that lamp but I won’t go into detail about that now. (I am not crazy about floor or table lamps in general.)

I reaalllly want to replace that brown dresser with something else. I’m not sure what and not going there today. It’s a cFam artifact and the cFam had 10 of these dressers if I have it right. One for each child? We still have this one. I think there are one or two at Hoton Lake. I dunno if any other folks have any of them. I feel like I need to hire Certified Kitchen Lady again to help me with the rest of my house.

For now, the Superbowl is on and I don’t have a dog in the race for either team. Okay, I guess we are for San Fran since our daughter lived there for a number of years, even though she didn’t care about sports.

2 Responses to “Groundhog Day aka Candlemas”

  1. l4827 Says:

    In positive memory of our neighbor’s mom (we just learned) who passed away last week, on a coincidental birthday. She would have, enjoyed, all these discussions… She had a wonderful sense of patience… for being 92 years young.

  2. Margaret Says:

    We got sun and blue sky today too–it was glorious!! Today was Alison’s 30th birthday and I missed taking her out to dinner somewhere. I hate it that she’s in Ohio. Bah.