Mr. Golden Sun gives us TWO days in a row. And bird song.

So, I wanted to blahg about bird song yesterday because yesterday morning was the first time I heard bird song since I dunno, the last time the neighborhood birds were thinking about making babies. But yesterday’s blahg got away from me big-time and ended up being not one of my better stream-of-consciousness blahgs. And that is one of the things that makes me miss my brother because he always loved when I did stream-of-consciousness stuff. Oh don’t worry, I’m good, not standing here collapsed in a puddle of tears. If he’s watching me at all from wherever I think he would be proud and happy about how I have gone forward with my life and how I have handled the moomicabin.

But I mean bird SONG, like hey let’s get together and have some fun, not just the squawking and grawking around they do in the winter. And yes, they do start singing in February around here, those that over-winter anyway. The Landfill bird “expert” differs with me a bit and he does know more about birds than I do but I do remember many February mornings waking up to hear bird song.

I had to inch my way through a flock of Cananananada Geese on my way outta the Cubelandia parking lot this afternoon. They all looked like adults and I’m gonna *guess* it’s probably a bunch of last year’s goslings and their parents. I can’t remember when they start strutting around the Cubelandia parkland in pairs looking for nesting sites. It’s probably farther away than I remember.

BTW, they say that Canada geese mate for life. I’m not gonna google that now but once at Cubelandia I encountered a dead goose in the water with his/her mate standing on the shore next to the body.

Oh and then there’s @ChunkGroundhog if you do twitter. Chunk raids a person’s garden and instead of stealthily absconding with his veggies like other aminals do (rabbits and things), he stands up right front and center and eats his food in front of the cam. It’s pretty hilarious.

We’re listening to Herman’s Hermits now and NOW I am in a puddle of tears. It’s still okay. I’m just being silly. <3

Love y’all, KW

One Response to “Mr. Golden Sun gives us TWO days in a row. And bird song.”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’ve heard that too about Canadian geese, but how could they know? They all look the same to me! No birdsong here, just a little bit of snow. Not serious stuff!