And the winner is…

Who *is* the winner? I do not know. I spent the entire day doing the kinds of things the Iowa Democratic caucus shouldda been doing when they created that app. When I was driving home from Cubelandia, there was still no winner although a couple people were trying to claim victory.

So, if you are going to build an app, you need a few things. Here’s a high-level overview. 1) A good business analyst (like meeee) or two or three to gather requirements and design your app. And BAs are NOT lone rangers. They work with everyone on the team. 2) Crackerjack developers to build out the app according to carefully crafted specification from the BA. I’m betting developers were the party’s strong point. There are a gazillion code monkeys (said affectionately) out there who are good at what they do but they are not designers or… dun dun dun 3) QA folks!!! What do QA folks do? TEST TEST TEST TEST TEST TEST. And TEST and TEST some more. Good QA testers beat the heck out of an *unreleased* version of the app. They find holes in the app. They run tests for what happens if the app gets flooded with users or whatever, which is one of the things that apparently happened with the caucus app.

Speaking of users, one more IMPORTANT group of people is 4) the support team. Hire an adequate number of people, pay them WELL, train them well, and provide enough phone lines that users can get to a support person.

I still don’t know who won the Iowa caucus. The GG has satty-lite radio folk music on to keep me from talking to the radio…

I may or may not check news for the caucus results. I am trying to decide whether or not to watch the State of the Union. I am NOT a Trump supporter and have difficulty watching/listening to him and his spurios spurious claims of grandeur. I’m sorry to my Trump supporters but I don’t think he cares about anything but himself and I’d much rather watch re-runs of Gomer Pyle and Green Acres than listen to him blather about all the things he has done that are the greatest ever or so he says.

Love y’all and hope we can keep Trump from sorta-winning the next election. G’night. KW.

3 Responses to “And the winner is…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Buttigieg and Sanders. I like Buttigieg, but do not care for Bernie at all. Not only that but I don’t agree with him, according to a test about my Democratic candidate preferences. He came in dead last.

  2. Jay Says:

    If you are going to watch old reruns, may I suggest Perry Mason. We saw one with a very young Burt Reynolds a few days ago.

  3. Tonya Watkins Says:

    I didn’t watch the SOTU. No way. I would have been screaming. So, I cleaned out the cat litter box (plus a few other chores) and I felt free and easy and not at ALL inclined to fling the cat poop all over the walls.

    I was tickled that Nancy tore up the speech afterward!