Point of view

This particular view is ingrained in my brain. I have been looking at it for more years than I am strong enough to count. I don’t remember the first time I saw it. I was something like five months old. What I *do* remember about the moominbeach from when I was five months old is that I was lying in the back of my family’s old black ford whatever-it-was and hearing the susurration of the pine trees surrounding the moominbeach. For the first time. Yes. I really do remember that. No car seats then.

The land form sticking out on the left is Iroquois Point. It is on American soil. There is a lighthouse there and when I was a kid we could see the light at night. That lighthouse (like many others) is no longer in service for navigation although you can still climb it. Nowadays the ships use more sophisticated navigation technology, GPS and whatever, to navigate the St. Marys River.

Then there is Guano Round Island in the middle. It is close enough to our beach for a quick kayak ride out and back and many people have swum back from there (with an accompanying bote of course).

To the right of Guano Round Island is Gros Cap. It is on the Canadian side.

When we were at Tahq, a lovely Canadian woman sat at our table. I wouldn’t have known she was a Canuck except that I detected a wee bit of an accent. I grew up hearing Canadian accents both from going to Canada and because my paternal grandparents were both born in Canada. Some people insist that ending a sentence with “eh?” is a yooper thing. I contend that it is more Canadian. Disclaimer: I’m sure that most Canadians think that however I speak is some kind of an American accent. I do add “eh?” to the ends of my sentences sometimes but that’s just an affectation.

Our Canadian friend lives (I think she said) in the Gros Cap area and so I had to show her this pic of my lifelong view of Gros Cap. I was probably more “emotional” about this than she was but she was very graciously polite to this baggy old bag. Oh, I wasn’t public about my emotions. It was just like here is my beloved view of your neighborhood that I’ve been looking at since I was born.

2 Responses to “Point of view”

  1. Margaret Says:

    What a gorgeous view!

  2. Tonya Watkins Says:

    Beautiful! I have a similar view that is imprinted in my memory (and current, as well) from Camano Island, peering across at Whidbey Island. I understand that I was one month old the first time I “saw” it, and my son was one month old the first time HE “saw” it. Those memories invoke grandparents (long gone), parents (relatively recently gone), and so much fun. Dungeness crab! Clams! Smelt! Seals! Seagulls. I’m glad my brother is there now, and that plot of paradise is still in the family.

    British Columbia is not far north of here, and I’ve been many times, and the “ay” is most definitely a common thing. Always has been.