Inundated with ocean pics from both coasts

And that’s a good thing. “Everybody” is traveling right now. PacNW, Crazy Old Fla (keys), and MMCB1 is Down Under [again🐸🐽]. Not sure if MMCB is close to a coast and she typically doesn’t send pics while traveling. I get to see ’em when she gets back. This pic is Fla, the Atlantic side of the keys. I didn’t take it (I am not there) but I’m guessing it’s okay to post it. A small shark was caught on this bote trip but it was thrown back.

Me? I had the wonkiest commute this morning. Couldn’t get outta my neighborhood to save my life (left turn onto a street recently put on a “diet”). School bus going by so s-l-o-w-l-y that by the time it got past, traffic was coming from both directions in spades. Finally a saintly Subaru lady let me in. Another school bus *sitting* *forever* with no visible kiddos waiting to board. Construction guy making me stop so he could maneuver some sort of big doodly into position. Oh heck, I’m not waitin’ fer this. I *can* hang a louie here so I’ll just jump down to Stadium by the post office and back up at Pauline. It’s two right turns, roight? Yeah, both of them with “No right turn on red” so I w-a-i-t-e-d. How much time did I save? Probably not much if any. The last straw was somebody on Oak Valley going 10 miles BELOW the speed limit… On bone dry pavement with sunshine… I am NOT [usually] a fast driver. I tend to hang out around the speed limit unless it’s a snow drive. But jeebus!

Green Acres re-runs are easing me into sleep on school nights these days. It’s a hilarious show in general but two nights ago we hit absolute gold. There is an episode where Lisa (who is NOT a good cook) made a “hot cake” in the shape of the head gasket that they needed to fix a decrepit truck they were driving that had just blown the head gasket. This was coincidental. What I remember about this episode is The Commander (a GOOD cook) laughing her *ss off just about to the point of tears. You can find clips from it on YouTube by searching something like “green acres head gasket”.

Then last night at one point the Douglases (not sure if the plural is correct) were in bed. Oh, don’t take that the wrong way, this was 1965-1971 prime time TV. They were settling in for the night. Oliver had goose-hunting style pajamas on and Lisa had what I think is properly called a negligee (accents omitted). I fergit what led to this but the GG referred to her outfit as “women’s bedclothes”. Say what? Myself, I wear a Land’s End nightshirt so I guess that is “women’s bedclothes” too. Roight?

P.S. It’s weird that when I remember The Comm laughing about the head gasket, I picture the Dillon Street living room. But they didn’t move there until 1973 so we must’ve been watching that episode in our shabby little Superior Street bungalow. She did have a similar laughing fit up on Dillon though. It was the gong show and there was a “contortionist” with spangles all over her crotch. Crotch. The Comm’s word. Oh mooma. LOL.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    PacNW? Do tell…We’re having a run of beautiful weather right now. I used to watch Green Acres all the time but I don’t remember that episode. I’ll have to track it down! I need a good laugh these days.