Yes I have posted these pics before. Multiple times. Why am I posting them today? Well, because I don’t have much else to say I was partway home on a looooooonnnnnng slodge of a commute (1/2 hour or so to get the mile from Cubelandia to the notorious State/Ellsworth roundabout). I fergit when my pocket vibrated a text message but I was at a dead stop at a loooooonnnng light so I looked around for cops and then I snuck a look. I had already snuck my phone out to check what the you-know-what was going on with the traffic. I think Mooon Yooonit’s GPS thingy probably tells me that but I have not gotten used to that interface yet. Oh wait! I wasn’t even driving Mooon Yooonit! I was driving the Ninja. Jeebus. Just an old plug-in GPS in that vee-hickle. No traffic.

Anyway, this time it was a pic of a person dozing off in Fla and a request to find the old sleeping-on-the-bote pic. And so I did (note to self: MUST organize pics!) and sent it along. This li’l old putt putt bote was one of the Gumper’s “50” feet of bote (“some men have 50 foot botes, I have 50 feet of bote”). It was a nice comfortable little bote to putt putt up and down the shore at Hoton Lake for a cocktail cruise on a calm evening. Once when the GG was taking one of these little botes out, the Gumper was yelling “PUT THE PLUG IN!” over and over again. The GG could not hear him and kept waving goodbye over and over. Aloha. Apparently the Gumper KNEW that the plug was not in but the GG did not bother to look. Aloha. Aloha. Fortunately all was well in the end.

So the child in the top pic was so comfortable she dozed off. Not so the child in the bottom pic.

Oh man, snow tonight maybe? I mean, it *is* February and this is *Michigan*. But I am on the hot seat at two meetings tomorrow and I reeeeealllly want to be AT Cubelandia for those but I have to drive the Ninja, which is not a snow vee-hickle. But maybe it’ll be rain? We’ll have to see what happens.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I enjoyed our boating days, and there were many adventures (some of them not very pleasant), but now I have no boat. I couldn’t handle one anyway. Snow? Ugh. I’m hoping for no more this winter. But especially none back east next week and the week after when I’m visiting my girls. 🙂