Every housewife should know

Green Acres served up another fave rerun last night. They’re using a generator while Mr. Douglas (Oliver “Olivah” Wendell Douglas) tries in vain to get the house waaaared into the grid. The usual surreality a New York lawyer back-to-the-land-wanna-be experiences when trying to get any kind of quality work (or even any kind of work) done in “Hootersville” ensues.

So they have this whole array of electrical plugs and outlets and Oliver Wendell Douglas is trying to instruct his wife Lisa on how how to calculate which plugs can be plugged in at the same time. He’s doing it by assigning each appliance, etc., a number and if the total of the number of appliances plugged in equals more than, let’s say 10, everything goes Kuh-Pooey! Really. And everything *does* go Kuh-Pooey (really) because *Mrs.* Douglas (Lisa) doesn’t really quiiiiite “get” Olivah’s system. I’m guessing maybe color-coding might’ve worked better?

This episode kinda reminds me of my father-in-law The Gumper. The Moldy Old Hoton Lake cabin was waaaared into the grid but the cabin dated from the 1940s so whatever was in it when I started going there probably wasn’t anywhere near up to “code”. “Our” dad was an engineer and he was well aware of which lucky-shuckial appliances ran on which circuits and how NOT to overload anything and I was attentive to his lectures about that, even though they always began with “Every housewife should know…” Lucky-shucky scares me and I reeeeallly don’t like things to go Kuh-Pooey!

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I was always terrified when Patt did any electrical work…but part of that was him playing with me. He liked to tell me horror stories of what could happen, then ask me if I remembered the number for 911. 🙂