Working from home (for obvious reasons) (EOM)

That was the email I sent to Amazon Woman and FZ this morning when I logged into the Cubelandia mothership from the Green Couch.

I received “boarding” and “landed” texts from the beach urchin who returned from the Fla keys today and I kinda wanted to reply with a sarcastic “Welcome home” (because snow) but I refrained and texted Orange Hearts instead. I can only assume their trip from Metro to Detroit was okay. The moom in me wanted to ask for confirmation that they navigated a (maybe) snowy freeway safely but the ADULT in me told myself to STFU!

Old Man Winter threw snowballs at us ALL DAY and hasn’t stopped. Actually the GG was oot and aboot midday-ish and he said the roads were okay. Fine. The roads are almost always worse down around Cubelandia and, since there are plenty of folks who are ESSENTIAL AT their workplace, why should I add my non-essential vee-hickle to the roads? In the online banking industry, one of our goals is to provide services to our customers even when we can’t get to our workplace.

Today was a VERY productive day of telecommuting if I do say so myself. Your mileage may vary, as they say. Sometimes (like today) I was totally focused on work. Other days I get distracted by household cleaning musheens, etc. But then again, I have varying degrees of productivity when I’m over at Cubelandia too. Despite my systems analyst title (a floaty title in general), my tech job is actually very creative and I sometimes have to sit back with my feet up thinking things like, “How are we gonna do this?” or “How’m I gonna write/diagram/whatever this?” or “How do I portray this/that in our high fidelity html product prototype without adding two gazillion pages to said prototype?” Actually… Almost everyone was telecommuting today. We have a whole host of folks who telecommute *every* day. India mostly. But also Chicago and other United Snakes locations.

That said, I hope Old Man Winter falls into a drunken sleep tonight and stops throwing his snowballs because I have cabin fever from just one day of telecommuting and we have a lot of meetings tomorrow and I wanna be *at* Cubelandia.

One Response to “Working from home (for obvious reasons) (EOM)”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’ve always liked an occasional snow day, but one year it was 8 or so of them and I thought I would lose my mind if I couldn’t get back to school. I like a change from routine, but I also enjoy routine. And getting oot and aboot.