First, even though our snow largely stopped sometime during the night, the roads were still bad enough today that yer fav-o-rite blahgger braved cabin fever to stay home yet another day. According to the county road commission (which I follow on FB) we had “bonded snow” on the roads this morning. As near as I can figger out, we got a few inches of snow yesterday during relatively warm temperatures maybe on top of some already wet roads. The temperature then fell into the 20s overnight and everything froze. And road salt isn’t all that effective under those conditions. In other words, if you have to be out? There is probably ice underneath whatever snow is on the road. SLOW DOWN!

I bagged driving to Cubelandia *again* today and telecommuted. FZ who doesn’t live all that far from Cubelandia corroborated that the roads were indeed terrible and cautioned others not to drive in. Amazon Woman also made it in. She is actually a short walk away but usually drives because she usually needs her vee-hickle to run errands and schlep her middle school daughter around. Driving for her involves a mile or two of going around a huge “block”. Kinda like our house’s position vis à vis our kids’ old elementary school. Walking there is a quick five minutes. Driving is at least a mile.

I had another very productive work day at home but at one point I thought I was going to go out of my mind. The GG was frenetically opening and closing drawers and cupboards all over the place. That’s rummaging behavior and it drives me NUTS. I finally asked, “Do I want to know what you are rummaging for?” It was some kind of connector to make a TV work. I had no clue what it might look like so I kind of shaddup. Eventually he found it. Whew! Also, he did leave the Landfill a couple of times today and that spacified me to my great delight.

I am telecommuting again tomorrow but it is only for the morning and it is planned. The snowstorm was NOT. At least it was not on my radar screen. But we are doing something fun this weekend starting tomorrow afternoon so maybe I’ll have something more interesting to talk about.

And so g’night. KW

2 Responses to “Rummaging…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Ice is terrifying, and impossible to drive in! Glad you didn’t try!

  2. jane Says:

    As of Friday noonish, the main roads are clear and dry, the side roads have a layer of compacted snow/ice. Slow driving is key, especially as you approach stop signs. But you already knew that!