Red Plaid Attitude at Beggar’s Banquet

Yes. Table for seven. I can be a little floaty sometimes when it comes to popular culture but I thought these two characters’ Stormy Kromer hats looked a little weird so I asked if they were on backwards. Ohhhh, no no no said they. A little later on, someone turned their head and I caught a backwards bill and the joke was on meeeee.

So once again we are at the Quiet Water Symposium. This year they have renamed it the Quiet Adventure Symposium. I am gonna guess that groups who exhibit there (hiking, cycling, whatever) may have kicked back at the original name because their group doesn’t have anything to do with water. I get it but nevertheless I am not a fan of the new name. Perhaps I am still feeling the sting from when the Great Lake State renamed the Eddy Geology Center to the Eddy Discovery Center. But there’s another thing and that is that I’m not sure I like the word “adventure” inserted into the symposium title. Why does every outdoor expotition have to be an “adventure”? Maybe you are just walking quietly through a small neighborhood woods listening to the birds. That may not be adventurous but you are still outside engaging in a quiet activity.

Oh well. It is a fun event no matter what it’s called and an opportunity to meet up with our North Country trail friends. And I will likely attend presentations about other people’s actual adventures. I always pick presentations about things I will *never* do in person.

So today. We schlepped over to East Lansing, stopping in Lansing for lunch at Dagwood’s along the way. Overheard at Dagwood’s: “The well bourbon is 10-High.” Yes! I learned the term “well bourbon” in Chattanooga on a rocket trip to Fla a while back. Their well bourbon was 10-High too. I guess my old coot was on to something.

Just after we crossed under the freeway on Kalamazoo Street, I happened to look to the right and there was… The Green Dot Stables? Say what? Google maps confirmed it. We eat at the DayTwa Green Dot frequently. Who knew there was one in Lansing. I guess we’ll try it out some day but we also really love Dagwood’s, an ancient barroooom from probably well before the GG and I haunted the Moo-U campus and surrounding area. To be clear, we were here at the same time but didn’t know each other in those days.

Today we met up at the symposium pavilion with our Lansing NCT friend Greg, who helped the GG set up all of our stuff and eventually our yooper NCT friends showed up. Us outta towners checked into our hotel and all seven of us met up at Beggar’s Banquet for dinner. I had the “Betty-sized” shrimp scampi (with prosciutto), which was wonderful. It was great fun with great friends and the conversation never lagged even with a huge introvert (meeee) in the mix.

One Response to “Red Plaid Attitude at Beggar’s Banquet”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Those hats, oh, my! 🙂 That symposium sounds interesting. There is so much that I will never do that it would be difficult to choose!