The GG sent me this pic, apparently thinking I needed something to post about. Apparently he is bored with the usual drivel? He often says he can’t understand my blahg and I understand *that* because sometimes *I* don’t understand it either. Actually I’m pretty sure he doesn’t *read* my blahg all the time. Anyway…

So he sends me this pic of his identical twin with a cat the cFam once owned. I bet the cat is just craaaaayzee about the hat, don’t you? The pic came in an email with the caption “Bob with Sam the cat” but the file name is “Bill60s-044.jpeg”. So, which twin is it? A quick glance tells me it is Bob and it is but the file name made me do a double-take.

They are “identical” twins and yes they look a LOT alike. They look so much alike that the GG had his own Weird Encounter at last weekend’s QWS event. In which a woman came up to our booth and acted like she knew him and. He. Didn’t. Respond. At least he didn’t respond like she expected. This woman was with another organization and later in the day someone at her booth connected the dots. Oh yeah. She works with the UU. The GG’s identical twin in Gaylord.

There’s some speculation that the Twinz of Terror are “mirror twins” but this turns out not to be a scientifically recognized term. I think that in a pair of two true mirror twins, wouldn’t the internal organs of one be on the wrong side? Which wouldn’t likely be a good thing.

I looked up “mirror twins” and whether or not the Twinz are “mirror twins” I found a good, readable Scientific American article about twins in general.

A geneticist quoted in the article maintains that what makes twins “identical” is that they are monozygotic. That means they originated from a single fertilized egg that split. He maintains that no two human beings are truly identical and I don’t disagree. Still, my Twinz are hard to distinguish unless you know them well.

When I first met the GG I was extremely jaded about boys. And yes they were boys back when I was a 20-something. Do you really like me? Can I trust you? Really? He pulled a picture out of his wallet of… him… with a beautiful woman and two little boys. He told me it was his brother. Yeeesh. I was not terribly impressed. Still he seemed really single somehow so I persisted. And then we went to Hoton Lake one weekend and I met his twin brother. The one with the beautiful wife and kids. And Sam the cat.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    It would be odd (at first) to date a twin. I imagine you’re very used to it now.