At the bar

I had a reservation at Knight’s for 6PM tonight and I got there pretty close to on the dot. Our table was not quiiiite ready yet so I checked in and schlepped over to the bar to see what my chances might be for getting a ‘hattan. As you can see, I did get a ‘hattan. You might guess by the size of that ‘hattan why Knight’s goes by @strongdrinks on Twitter and why that ‘hattan lasted me all tonight. You might also see Yul back there. That’s not his real name. He just looks like the actor.

We have been going to Knight’s forever, for family dinners and sometimes just for a drink. That would be pretty much since we felt like the beach urchins were old enough to be left home alone for a while or were at a friend’s house or whatever. Yul has been there the whole time. He doesn’t seem to age. Knight’s has always allowed people to stack up behind bar seating to order drinks and stand, which is what I did tonight. Almost every time I have ever done that I/we have made temporary friends with other folks seated or standing at the bar. I was just starting to talk to the women to the right of me tonight when they called my table, which happened to be a booth directly behind where I was standing. A few minutes later I was porterized.

Whenever I go to Knight’s I remember my Forsythe Middle School science fair days. Thursday was always our prep day. Friday was student setup day. Saturday was judging day. Sunday was prize day and Monday the day all of the students toured the fair. I dunno who runs the science fair nowadays or how they schedule things but for us, Saturday *night* was dinner at Knight’s and we hung out behind the bar seats having fun and being as loud as we could be until our table was called. It was soooo much fun.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I also enjoy sitting at the bar to chat with people, but the chairs need to have backs or I get sore from trying to sit up straight. 🙂