15,016 and counting

icebergtipThat’s the number of photos that currently reside in my personal iPhoto application on my personal 2-year-old mailing-taped white MacBook. I don’t think I will buy a laptop with a plastic case again, thank you very much. I am hard on laptops but, hello!, eet eez a laptop, eet should be able to stand up to a baggy old bag beating up on it, roight? Kee-reist!

Anyway. See that birchbark bowl/basket type thing on the counter there in the Ugliest Kitchen on Earth? Yes, those are photos. Those photos are only the tip of the iceberg around here although they may be the most disorganized bunch of photos I have. I don’t know. Some of these photos were given to us from other people. Some of them were once neatly filed in albums but got pilfered for school projects, you know the kind, and never got filed back again. Some are simply duplicates of neatly filed photos but I don’t know which ones. Also on the counter, you can see part of my unfinished prodject (intentionally misspelled and yes, I am still slowly motoring along making progress on it, yay for hand-sewing). And you can see the mailing tape that I used this morning to tape up yet another part of my crumbling but otherwise wonderful laptop an envelope that I mailed to Mouse this morning. And there’s other flotsam and jetsam and cosmic debris around. Is that a bottle of whine in the back there? Yes! I was looking for that! And yes it is a fuzzy phone pic. Why? Because my blasted so-called *life* is fuzzy! That’s why!

I am drowning in photos. I have Fin and MacMu photos that my brother scanned. I have old photos that we took, some of which are scanned and some are not. I have photos (and slides and negatives) from the Commander’s collection that I *want* to scan and give to her. Some of all that stuff is in my iPhoto and some of it is not. And then there are the gazillion digital photos that I have been taking since the late 90s when we bought our first Sony Mavica. It saved photos on floppy disks!!! Remember those?

Some of our photos / negatives / slides are scanned and some not. Some of them are in iPhoto and some of them are not. Some of the photos that are in iPhoto are tagged intelligently and some of them are not. Or maybe not tagged at all. Yeah, I know… Now, where is that whine? Two-buck Chuck Shiraz, eh? Sounds good to me!

Oh, and there are about a brazillion Courtois birthdays right around now and also some Fin birthdays and maybe even some MacMu birthdays and I can’t keep up with them so y’all will have to twitter them or something. I do know that my grandma Margaret Finlayson would be 121 today! Happy birthday to all!

2 Responses to “15,016 and counting”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I have a pile of prints from Senegal sitting on my counter. Is there a photo album that holds 155 photos? I have mostly backed up my photo albums to my huge external hard drive; they are organized by date, which is going to have to be good enough.

  2. Dog Mom Says:

    I’m at 14,698 in 411 events in my own iPhoto. Yes, there are dups (i.e., a certain France trip by a certain FYSO member got uploaded twice; various photos sent to me by the Girlz, etc.). My challenge is actually going thru and deleting duplicates. THEN I can start dealing with scanning in the slides and photos and negatives and photos and slides and, and, and… that seem to be in fair abundance in this hulking house. I did have *one* package of photos that shook out of the BOTTOM of a filing cabinet (that I pulled out of a basement puddle) that had gotten quite wet. The negatives are FUBAR (to put it nicely) along with several of the actual prints….surprisingly, even though some are still stuck together, a number of that packet are salvageable. [Gee, am I SKINNY in those shots!]