Spring forward

While yer fav-o-rite blahgger was paying the rent and applying Purell to grocery cart handlebars 🐽, the GG was having his own fun up in the great white northern lower. That included springing the Lyme Lounge from its winter quarters in the UU’s garage. We don’t have a garage here on The Planet Ann Arbor. When we bought our little house umpteen bazillion years ago, for the money we could spend we could either get a garage or a dungeon. We chose dungeon and I think that was the right decision. (And yes, we couldda traded up but this is kinda MY house.)

Besides the coronavirus, my beach urchin and I also discussed pollyticks yesterday. We have a primary coming up in the Great Lake State in two days. I am *terribly* conflicted about who to vote for and all I can tell you is that one of the names of the person I will end up voting for begins with B. I am not happy about either choice but the Orange Baboon has GOT TO GO!!!

But this all got me reminiscing to a time when I was a young adult (pre GG and kids) and my dad, a bank president in our small town, was solicited to do exit polling at a presidential election. He agreed without understanding what he was being asked to do and then kind of freaked out. He was not inclined to approach members of the general public to ask them questions and I understand why since I think I have inherited that trait from him.

It turned out okay though because his brother-in-law, my uncle Duck Duke (retaaaared Air Force colonel), was more than up to the challenge so he got my old coot off the hook. A dinner at the Dillon house was planned after Duke’s shift at the polls and he had some good stories to tell about his adventures with interviewing exiting voters.

The coda to this is that we did not have enough bourbon to make manhattans that night. I, being barely old enough to buy booze, was sent to Neville’s to buy, well, “Jim Crow”, is what The Commander told me to buy. So I drove over to Neville’s and rather timidly asked for a fifth of Jim Crow. The woman behind the counter LOUDLY replied, “We have Jim Beam and we have Old Crow but we do NOT have Jim Crow.” I bought Jim Beam.

I miss those folks so much sometimes. They used to vote for republicans back in the day. I am SURE they would be HORRIFIED by the Trumpian Bombasty and what the GOP has turned into.

5 Responses to “Spring forward”

  1. UU Says:

    So it’s a clear choice between the socialists and the capitalist (bad orange man).

    See what he has achieved. It’s not about what others are saying he said. This year is an easy choice.

  2. kayak woman Says:

    Sorry. I don’t see that Trump has achieved much of anything except to promote himself. Our country has some very difficult problems to sort out. Convince me that Trump has any kind of CLUE about how to figure out our country’s problems. Show your work. Love you ANYWAY.

  3. l4827 Says:

    While in downtown planet Ann Arbor, chanced upon My Boy Bernie and a strident voided AOC. From our vantage point of a very short term, parked car, we heard the frequent cheers of the assembled multitude on the U of M Diag.

    Will the delegate count tomorrow, reflect this? With Pi-day, Friday the 13th, Ides of March and the busy ‘B’s of the ballot boxes, it should be a rather interesting week…followed by next week’s recovery of(after) Saint Patrick’s day.

  4. l4827 Says:

    BTW, as an addendum, is the LL gonna be open fer business, ah, any time soon? ‘Inquiring minds want to know’. Somebody ought to suggest a gathering (clotting) of the ‘nine readers’ here in. An LL (TBA) Michigan location may (May {?}) be of some real consideration… Oh what to talk about if such an event should occur…

  5. Margaret Says:

    I will definitely vote for anyone other than Trump. For too many reasons to list here.