Long and lonesome road

Oh where the hell am I today. The GG finished the taxes and took a walk to mail them to our accountant and then down through downtown with many admonishments from meeee to not patronize stores or restaurants. He was down there before all of the bars and restaurants closed for the duration, which was at 3:00 PM today and probably not soon enough but thank you to our governor. I’m pretty sure he didn’t go into any stores but he did extract cash from an ATM…

He continued on down by the river and I can’t exactly remember where this pic is from but I see the railroad tracks and what looks like a freeway overpass. He was not all that happy this morning as his planned trip to hike a part of the Pennsylvania North Country Trail with a couple of his girlfriends next weekend got canceled. Normally I wouldda been “Go meet your girls and I’ll hang out on The Planet Ann Arbor.” This time I did NOT want him to go. I was vociferous about this! I was anxious about this all morning until he finally ‘fessed up that the trip was canceled and I was GREATLY relieved. His girlfriends had a reservation at a hotel!!!

I don’t want the GG *OR* his lovely girlfriends to get That Virus! I hope they are able to reschedule this trip and if they can I will totally support it.

I think we need to send out a Virus Primer to everyone in the United Snakes. Today is the first day that I have heard medical experts being quoted as saying that asymptomatic/pre-symptomatic people are probably spreading the virus. This is VIRUS 101 and I don’t need to be medically educated to know how viruses work.

STAY HOME STAY HOME STAY HOME. And here is the long and winding road waaaay pre corona fucking virus. Of everything, the long and winding road always led me to the moomincabin and eventually it led the GG to my homeland where he got along with my family, especially my Moom. Love you buddy.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m staying home, although I hate it. (Mari loves it) Part of my issue is not just isolation, but the fact that I’ve recently been in 4 airports, Grand Central Station, on trains and coaches and in two states (Ohio and NY) that were not yet at heightened COVID-19 awareness. We’ve been there for several weeks in WA, so I was appalled by some of the behaviors. I am asymptomatic but who knows what I may have picked up? 🙁