No you can’t have mine!

We’ve had a few Landfill “Twitter plays” since our self-imposed isolation (or is it quarantine?). This afternoon’s?

[The GG starts putting his shoes on.]

KW: Where are you going?

GG: Wyandotte Electric. [holds up some sort of Lyme Lounge-related lucky-shuckial thingy that apparently needs replacing]

KW: Where the heck is that?

GG: [gives location, then, anticipating next question] There’s a big counter with a guy waaaaay over on the other side and I hold this thingy up and he gets me one.

KW: [silently thinks, “and you use your debit card, etc.”]

[A little while later, the Ninja returns. KW grabs the Clorox wipes she’s been rationing, ready to wipe down the front door handles and Ninja door handle/steering wheel/stick shift/key/whatever.]

GG: It was closed.

KW: [silent whew]


I buy Clorox wipes all the time. I mainly use them to wipe Eco Terlet’s rim on a daily basis. I currently have this half used up canister and an unopened full canister. I bought the full canister 12 days ago, when I ventured into the Saline Road Meijer on the way home from work and, hmmm… the aisle was largely empty. I was already concerned about virus exposure but just sorta getting a handle on how to deal with it, like I actually did not use Meijer’s hand sanitizer that day. Otherwise I wouldda bought two canisters (but probably not more than that). I also sometimes buy Clorox wipes on Amazon Prime (because I am lazy and hate shopping) but as you might know, they are not available there now. Oh, I’m not all that freaked out about Clorox wipes. I have Scrubbing Bubbles and other cleaners and I can use them with a paper towel to clean Eco Terlet. Man oh man, life has changed so much in the last couple weeks. The last time I was in a grocery store after that trip to Meijer was three days later and I used hand sanitizer on the way in and out that time.

One Response to “No you can’t have mine!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m glad that the kids forced me to bring home two big containers of Clorox wipes and some hand sanitizer from NY. I bet it’s not easy to find there now either.