Social distancing out on the trails

Before I received this pic, I received a text message “SIX FEET, SIR”. Why did this alarm me? Because I *correctly* figured out that mouse/raccoon had met up with the GG out at the Geology Center. This was a coincidental meetup. Mouse had said they would be going hiking at “the bog”. I knew what bog they were talking about but not so sure the GG did.

But they did meet up and I was freaked out that the GG might have tried to hug his daughter. No. Do not hug your “millennial” kids you stoopid boomers and our millennial children are right in there with us on this, especially when some of them are grocery workers. Moom and dad, don’t go out in public.

So eventually, we all figgered out that mouse took this pic of the GG and he took a pic of mouse/raccoon. The pics were taken and sent at the same time but were not delivered simultaneously so I was a little freaked out like how long were these people distancing and how long does That Virus remain in the air. But not.

A plug for grocery workers in general. I never worked in a grocery store but I ran a cash register in a KMart-style discount store (Tempo) back when I was in college. I LOVED it. I was GOOD at it. I had to deal with any and all manner of stupidity and nastiness from customers but I HANDLED IT and I had people choosing to get in my line because they liked me (and I was FAST). One time some old farmer brought his whole family in to meet me because he liked me so much.

I made something like $1.75 an hour and I was paid in cash in a little envelope.

Back in those days I was not one bit afraid of catching a virus from one of my customers at the checkout. If I ever did it was mild and short-lived. I have a pretty dern good immune system and I can fend off the usual viruses. The COVID-19 virus is different. My retail job was years ago. Nowadays I have a fintech job and I am hunkering down telecommuting to it from the Landfill. Please please please remember how vulnerable your grocery store workers are and be extra nice to them.

One Response to “Social distancing out on the trails”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I love my grocery store and the workers there, who all know me. I will be broken hearted if any of them get sick. They are truly on the front lines right now. My dad keeps wanting to hug me when I drop stuff off at their house, and I back away. I am a danger to them, especially because of my recent travels.