Weekend decadence, the virtual version

First up, Oscar Tangoing from a distance. We have been hanging out at the Oscar Tango with these beautiful folks on Friday nights for YEARS! Actually in the last year or so we vary our location a bit, sometimes going to the Griz or Red Hawk or Amadeus. Here’s what we did LAST night. We are sitting in our own Cozy Room getting virtually porterized via skype or whatever.

Saturday in the middle of a plague. We often go out to lunch on Saturdays, usually at the Griz. Man oh man, the last time I was at the Griz was a Saturday toward the end of February when Lizard Breath and I walked down. One of the last things we were thinking about was viruses. THIS afternoon, the GG saddled the Lyme Lounge up to Mooon Yooonit and we trucked out to a state park and sat in the parking lot to read and have beer/whine for a bit. The place was pretty slammed with people for this time of year (cold but sunny), enough that I would’ve been uncomfortable walking around amongst them.

I picked up my first grocery order EVER today. I ordered from the Westgate Kroger. I ordered non-perishables only. I like to pick out my own meat/veg/etc. I do trust my own personal grocery worker to pick those things out for me because she is even pickier than me. Kroger was out of a couple things on my list but I have to say that other than that (which is understandable) I was 100% impressed with the service. Our pickup delivery person was wonderful (and brave) and I thanked her pretty profusely.

2 Responses to “Weekend decadence, the virtual version”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I need to figure out this on-line ordering stuff. I’ve been rarely in the grocery store and for extremely brief periods of time, but still…That’s a great way to celebrate “together.”

  2. l4827 Says:

    Turning in early tonight after an ababsurdo extravaganza. Fun to see the OT gang hanging out. Getting out in the park is great for body and mind, beer helps too.