Vector math

Another afternoon of reading in the Lyme Lounge parked in a state park parking lot. We are fortunate that we can tow a home-away-from-home with us and not have to get too close to anyone else. And I have to say there were a LOT of people out at the parks both yesterday and today, hiking and biking and whatever. Many of them were at least our age. Problem? I saw all of those folks as vectors. Stay away from me, please. When was the last time you went to the grocery store? For that reason, we did not hike. A bit of paranoia? Maybe… But “we” really don’t have anything approaching comprehensive knowledge about this virus, including how it spreads. Hiking near a bunch of people? How many of them are asymptomatic? Nope. I’m even a wee bit nervous about my 0-skunk-30 but so few people are out then…

We have neighbors who are self-quarantining at this moment following their return from a trip to Europe. I kind of figured out their quarantine low-key Gladys Kravitz style but apparently the GG had an actual appropriately distanced convo with them. They are being responsible and not coming over to borrow a cup of sugar, not that 1) they ever HAVE asked to borrow sugar from us or 2) that I reliably have sugar on hand for borrowing.

Anyway, we spent some time reading in the Lyme Lounge again this afternoon and here is the GG tinkering with an invention that has something to do with turning off the water switch if it gets left on while we are hauling the Lyme Lounge down the road. His invention didn’t work today but I’m pretty sure he isn’t done with it yet.

I love the North Country Trail badges on the wall there. I am less impressed with the TP button to the right of the sink and not in the pic.

And a funny? A couple of people (around our age and so shouldn’t have been walking around out at the geology center) walked by the LL at one point. The GG was outside (on the OTHER side of the LL from them). They told him they were peeping. He asked them if they had seen anything interesting. Their response was that if the trailer had been rocking, they wouldn’t have peeped. Of course nothing was rocking, just me reading on my iPhone and slowly sipping a glass of cab.

3 Responses to “Vector math”

  1. Mouse Says:

    I’ve seen very few people on the trails (except for TMOTU ). If you can snag a long lunch or a weekday afternoon, there are a few places you could walk and probably avoid everyone by the requisite 6’!

  2. Margaret Says:

    I am still walking and running, but in low volume areas around my house, so I can stay across the street or far from others. What are you reading? I have a Michael Connelly mystery I’m finishing and then will read “Song of Achilles.” I loved “Circe” so I’m looking forward to her lovely writing and storytelling.

  3. Mouse Says:

    What I mean is: get outdoors as much as possible, but THANK YOU FOR STAYING HOME.