You can’t fix stupid

So says one of my Trumper facebook “friends” when he posts memes and articles from questionable sources that denigrate “democrats” or “socialists” or “communists”. You know, people like me, except not.

With That Virus afoot, would you – a week ago – have traveled to a foreign country (on a plane) to take a week’s vacation? I’m actually kinda wondering if I’ll even make it up to the moomincabin this summer and I can drive there without even stopping at a public restroom if I need to, via woodsP. But more on that some other day.

With That Virus afoot, if your parents returned (in the last couple days) from a vacation to a foreign country (on a plane), would you buy them groceries and go inside their house – with them there – to help them put said groceries away?

Asking for a friend.

I won’t go any further with this as it is not my story to tell. Suffice it to say that child custody issues were involved as were the police but it all turned out as it should have with no further potential exposure, at least not to my friend. And the police were on the good side here and acted appropriately.

But Jeebus, this kind of stoopid scenario is how That Virus is being spread. Stop Stop Stop people. Parents, our community health is more important than how many hours you spend with your kid. Always but especially now. STAY HOME and keep your child in whichever household has the least exposure.

Me? Somehow our overnight snowfall calmed me (for a while) this morning. I do not know why. I guess maybe it reminded me of the good old days. You know, a few weeks ago when it was winter and we were not afraid to go anywhere?

It is late March and this morning’s snow has completely melted even without much help from Mr. Golden Sun.

One Response to “You can’t fix stupid”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Your FB friend is correct, except in the opposite direction; you can’t fix the stupidity of people who refuse to even consider facts, or fact checks. Is it some sort of blind cult? What comes out of that man’s OWN mouth(lies, misinformation, insults, name calling) should be a huge wake up call, but somehow is OK? Jeebus, as you would say. My daughter got snow in Poughkeepsie too! I’m still hoping to get back there at the end of May, but it’s looking less and less likely. I’m very sad about that.