Simultaneously supplied and depleted

Supplied? We were not low on tp exactly but as I changed out a roll this morning it had me thinking about whether I should try to order it online somewhere. As it turned out, our grocery worker texted a pic of newly arrived tp this morning. I did snag some but I told her 8-12 rolls or whatever. Not hoarding it. Also snagged *one* newly arrived canister of disinfectant wipes since I am almost down to one and rationing them.

Comic relief? None of what’s going on right now is humorous of course but I did laugh in great relief once this morning. We were on a call with India and our young colleagues over there were talking about yet *another new* virus. My brain was going in all kinds of horrible directions until I finally *processed* that they were talking about *hantavirus*! Nope, that’s not a new virus. It is a horrible virus if you get it but it’s pretty easy to avoid as long as you keep your mouse traps set.

Depleted? On a sad note, we lost the last of my dad’s siblings this morning when his much younger sister died at 91. This was not COVID related in the sense that she didn’t *have* the virus but I suspect that necessary hospital precautions were a contributing factor. But I don’t have details and it wouldn’t be my place to report them if I did.

So long Bubs/Gene. We miss you. Godspeed. 🧡🧡🧡

3 Responses to “Simultaneously supplied and depleted”

  1. Margaret Says:

    So sad about your Aunt. 🙁 My dad is 91 and very important to his family. Losing him will be tough, no matter his age. I’m not get worried about TP yet, but if the shortages continue, I may become concerned enough to practice with my spray bottle. TMI? 🙂

  2. Paulette Says:

    RIP Bubs/ Gene. Comfort to your family.

  3. Jan Miller Says:

    It is sad to loose the last of that generation. It was hard to have her isolated probably not understanding what was going on. Prayers for the whole family.