What is it you call him again? The Orange…???

MMCB was asking the question and the answer is of course the Orange Baboon. No, I should not name-call but what the heck? Trump is the name-caller-in-chief so he’s in a class by himself and deserves what he gets. Like a growing number of news sources, I am trying to ignore him these days. The news is bad enough as it is without all of his self-congratulatory crapola. For what?

Am I disparaging baboons? No, I don’t think so. I am simply comparing a horrible man’s behavior to baboon behavior. Baboons are who they are and they live in the wild. The Orange Baboon is a human being and SHOULD be able to practice some self-control. [Delete a whole bunch of complicated uninformed gobblety-gook about how different humans actually are from other species.]

Years ago, we went to a North Country Trail dinner and presentation. The presenter had traveled to an African settlement to work with the people there on trail maintenance, which is not as simple as you might think. In addition to its human inhabitants, this settlement was overrun with a community of baboons. Among other behaviors they would walk in and out of the mess tent at will, grabbing bananas and whatever. Our presenter woke up his first morning there to see a big baboon hanging on his screen looking in to see who the new human was. And took a picture! I mean the presenter, not the baboon.

Anyway MMCB is my jet-setting friend and she had to cut a trip to Down Under waaaaay short because of you-know-what. She messaged me about it before she returned and asked if I wanted to meet at Barry’s that week, like we have been doing for umpteen-billion years. Since she was so far away, I told her yes but I knew we would not meet because I had already curtailed going out to restaurants. By the time she landed, everything was closed.

So we didn’t meet last week but we did FaceTime this morning and once she remembered to remove the black electrical tape she had used during some kind of Zoom meeting, I could actually see her!

Last but not least! Mouse took the pic of these Scarlet Elf Cups.

2 Responses to “What is it you call him again? The Orange…???”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I wish he were as smart, cultured and caring as a baboon. I wish he were half the person my cat is.

  2. Tonya Watkins Says:

    I wish he would croak.