Black is the new horns? Or is it the new orange?

I don’t have a lot to say tonight. Work (from home) continues to keep me sane, more or less. I was hoping it would be warm enough today for me to move my home office out to the Lyme Lounge but it wasn’t really. Hopefully soon. I am soooo glad I didn’t take the mothership up for knowledge transfer (aka retaaaarrrrment) last year because I do not know what I would do hanging around in isolation without the meetings and collaboration and the brain work.

Of course I also share this space with another person. He usually goes out walking. Today he stayed home and there was a heckuva lotta rummaging around today *inside* the Landfill and it took a lot of my best chill-out skills to ignore that. I know he was working on stuff that needed to be done but still. He usually bugs out to work on the North Country Trail and I am usually happy for him to bug out and do that. I like to be spacified. So I guess he was catching up with stuff.

We Virtual Porterized ourselves again tonight for Friday Cocktail Hour. And I am giving up on this crapola blahgola in order to get in to watch Green Acres. And then embark upon another long weekend of hanging out mostly inside…

One Response to “Black is the new horns? Or is it the new orange?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m glad I retired because teaching remotely wouldn’t be my cup of tea. Or cup of anything. However, I do wish that I had more to do. I don’t like the endless monotony of being by myself.