Yes it’s okay to eat the dern lettuce

Again and again and again and again, shop local if you can.

This morning at our stand-up meeting people were lamenting how hard it is to get a pick-up or delivery at any of our big grocery stores here on The Planet Ann Arbor. Yes. Yes it is. I have also tried. Someone said something like “try at midnight, that’s when they reset everything”. Er, nope.

I thought about this throughout the meeting and when it was finished and Amazon Woman asked if anyone had anything else, I ventured to say I had something totally off-topic, from work at least. And so I told my work friends about my curb-side service down at the specialty market at Kerrytown, where I ordered a bunch of stuff, paid online, and within an hour I pulled up, popped my trunk and I was done done done. One person asked if they had milk. Well, yes. They have everything except toilet paper. But they don’t EVER carry that, so… In the end I said I was finished with my commercial and the one sometimes difficult (but beloved) person I work with said, “That was a GREAT commercial!” I felt like I had won an award! Not all of these people live on The Planet Ann Arbor but I bet there are other small groceries throughout the southeast Great Lake State that have been able to tweak their business model to do curbside. I encouraged my work folks to look for those businesses in their own areas and keep them alive until all of this shitty crapola is over…

In that vein, a rumor was going around that someone had set up a go-fund-me for our own fave Monahan’s Seafood. Say what? We can see the light at the end of the quick and easy protein tunnel around here so I got on the phone and ordered a whole buncha fish from Monahan’s and sent the GG down for curbside pickup. Two pounds each of rainbow trout, whitefish, salmon, swordfish scallopini, and a pound of peppered smoked mackerel especially for the GG. I dunno what I even paid for all of that stuff and I don’t care. Monahan’s has been around FOREVER and it MUST stay alive.

2 Responses to “Yes it’s okay to eat the dern lettuce”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That’s a lot of fish, but it’s healthy to eat, so I’m sure you’ll use it. There aren’t really any smallish type groceries around here, so I’m stuck with a partial on-line order or going there in person. Neither of which thrills me much.

  2. Tonya Watkins Says:

    We live a good 40 minutes from a grocery store and it’s been frustrating to plan and then fail with necessary items (because they’re out). And Amazon is a complete fail with low/no stock and then not knowing when the items you can find will even arrive. Two day Prime delivery? What’s that? We’re pretty well stocked (for now), but there are some pantry things I really need and can’t get. Our savings grace has been Green Chef delivery (like Blue Apron only more low-carb) that delivers a box of everything we need for three dinners each. It’s really good, too! Requires prep and cooking, but not a whole lot of thinking or stress.