Should I dial 911?

Or maybe just launch kryptonite at them. I think I have some of the red sort hanging around… (Click and click again to embiggen)

I mean, what the heck? I saw these customers walk by on their way TO the schoolyard earlier and didn’t get a pic at the time. It is HIGHLY UNLIKELY that these basketball jones guys are brothers because their skin colors are all over the map. I mean MAAAAYBE they are living in the same household but I doubt it. Telecommuting from the Green Couch, I see EVERYONE walk by. Everyone else is pretty obviously a couple or a parent with kids or a runner or dog-walker. Not these characters.

I was kinda wanting to get a pic of the basketball kids when they came back by but my work day FINALLY ended and I was standing back at the compost bin mesmerized by a little white dog running fast laps around the trail in the woods. Until I realized that I was hearing a basketball bounce BEHIND me, which means the STREET, not the SCHOOLYARD. So I ran like hell out to the street to get a pic and this is the best I could do.

Earlier in the day there was discussion on Next Door Neighbor about what to do when encountering groups of [apparently] unrelated people congregating in public. In that discussion it was lawn workers, who are NOT deemed “essential” unless they are “farming”. The lawn workers in question were apparently blowing leaves. That’s [probably] not related to “farming”, at least not in our suburban-style neighborhood. Lots of discussion I won’t try to repeat. People apparently have a lot of time to study all the new “rules” while I am talking to India and today Ivan. I have never met Ivan except online but I 🧡 him (in a work kinda way). This go-’round, he was installing JAWS on my laptop and it was a PITA and he is likely not paid anywhere near what he’s worth, plus he’s based in NYC. I’m sure he is telecommuting and staying safe and I hope, well, you know.

Some people were saying you could call 9-1-1 to report gatherings of this sort. I’m not sure that’s true and I have mixed feelings about it too (and I didn’t call). Like, I wonder if the po-leese are happy about responding to umpteen bazillion calls to break up public gatherings of unrelated people on top of all the other things they have to do. And I’m not convinced that going to a grocery store is not gathering, even with the 6-foot rule and other protections.

On the other hand, what are these kiddos thinking? And their parents, who may or may not be supervising them and in normal times I would think, who am I to judge? But… Maybe moom is working the afternoon shift at The COVID Citadel or is a Grocery Worker. In normal times, these kids are old enough to be supervising themselves and I usually love teenagers bouncing basketballs up my street to the schoolyard as a wonderful sign of spring. But they think they are invulnerable, like we all thought when we were young. They [may] not be and I hope granny and bumpa end up okay.

One Response to “Should I dial 911?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Today the weather got nice here, so I saw some of what you describe, and it made me want to scream. I don’t want to stay cooped up in my house for the next year! I’m actually hoping for rain and miserable weather so it will keep some groups from congregating.