Macho Man

When I first heard the GG aka Macho Man TALKING to someone in the Landfill backyard, I was in the bathroom. I opened up the window and peered outside and saw him talking to the neighbor. I yelled something like, “is there a kayak paddle between you two?” Then I shut the window because I didn’t want anyone to hear me P and flush Eco Terlet.

There kinda was a kayak paddle between them and I knew they were being as careful as they could be. I was still nervous. I don’t think the 6-foot kayak paddle rule is necessarily a scientific measure. But I was at the end of my work day so I grabbed a little bit of whine and sat (more than a kayak paddle away from either of them) and we had fun talking for a while until it was time for us to get porterized online.

In between telecommuting today, I gathered groceries. I made a big order with Sparrow Market. Lotsa meat (their specialty) and a few other things. I sent The Pensioner down to pick it up. Then I navigated the Argus Farm Stop website to set up an account and ordered some produce and other stuff to be DELIVERED on Sunday. It’s a little early for spring produce around here but they have lettuce and other winter veg and an amazing number of other things like coffee, cheese, fresh ravioli, baked goods and I fergit what else. Argus stocks products that local farmers normally sell at the farmers market, which is closed now. I prob’ly wrote about this before but it bears mentioning again.

So the GG grilled a chitchen today and we got porterized via facetime and I think we have another facetime thing going on tomorrow afternoon with some family folks.

Love y’all, KW

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I’ve had trouble with on-line ordering so I went to the actual store today. It was scary. It sounds like you’re keeping busy and enjoying the benefits of technology. Ashley and Ryan talked me through zoom, but there is apparently some kind of problem with the webcam in my new computer. I would take it back to Best Buy if I could…