ParkP and peepers

No I am not gonna parkP here. We were parked with the Lyme Lounge at Pinckney State Rec and the [randomly] considerate GG was suggesting that I should parkP in this little “woods” or whatever you want to call it. Er, not that I had any particular *need* to parkP. I could easily wait until we got home.

As you can see, there are a few trees here. What you may also be able to see is the cars in the parking log lot on the other side of this little hill. And then, in the second pic we are looking to the left and just ahead of us in the parking lot is a whole bunch of cars and a guy standing outside one of them in easy view of proposed parkP. So, big parking lots on either side of a little wooded hill. No thank you. I would have to lift my long skirt and pull my tights, etc., down. I am a life-long woodsP-er but nope.

Also in the second pic, you can see a red porta potty down by the “beach”. I can’t believe the porta potty is actually OPEN. I didn’t check though. There is NO WAY you would get me anywhere near one of those these days! I wouldn’t even use a regular public bathroom as if any of THOSE were open. Last Sunday when we were down at Lake Erie, I had to tell the GG that TWICE! NOPE!

So another beautiful afternoon session of reading, snacking and sipping liquid courage in the Lyme Lounge. Our preferred pandemic snacks seem to be peppered salami and crackers (Triscuit today) with cranberry goat cheese, which I think we are out of and comes from Aldi believe it or not so I may have to get creative about trying to obtain some because we are NOT going to Aldi unless we can do curbside and that is highly unlikely.

I didn’t see anyone else out at Pinckney with a camping trailer but there were a few other families who were sitting outside next to their automotive vee-hickles doing probably the same thing we were. I didn’t get close enough to check out their choices of pandemic snacks or liquid courage.

Came home to a delivery from Argus Farm Stop. In learning to use their app, I forgot to set up a tip so I put a five-dollar bill in a baggie and taped it to the door with a post-it note “Argus tip”. Potatoes, two kinds of fresh ravioli (mushroom and butternut squash), Roos Roast Lobster Butter Love coffee, tortillas, maple syrup (cannot believe we don’t have some Besteman’s but we don’t). All locally sourced.

Last but not least, spring peepers were a-peepin’ like crazy out at Pinckney. Time hurries on.

One Response to “ParkP and peepers”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Your food sounds quite gourmet! I love triscuits and goat cheese, although I’ve never had the cranberry type.