Hydroxychloroquine Blues

Since I am apparently not allowed to express my opinions out loud these days even in my own house, I am going to use my own little platform to say what I was trying to say yesterday when I was “overruled” by a mansplainer who wouldn’t shaddup long enough for me to even attempt to state my position.

A disclaimer: I am NOT good at debating. I am shy in general and often struggle to “think on my feet” when engaged in a face-to-face debate. I get upset, my brain shuts down, and angry gibberish spews out.

There’s a lot of talk floating around about how hydroxychloroquine could be a “miracle” drug for That Virus. I don’t know if that’s true or not. I suspect very much not but I will also freely admit that I do not know anything about hydroxychloroquine. But neither does the Orange Baboon for all the crowing he is doing about it.

A while back a news story was making the rounds that a couple heard about hydroxychloroquine from one of Trump’s TV coronavirus briefings campaign rallies. They *apparently* believed their wonderful president and dosed themselves with some kind of aquarium chemical. The man died.

The accusation leveled at me was that I think Trump was responsible for this death. THAT IS NOT WHAT I THINK! Of *course* Trump cannot be held responsible for that death. What I DOOOOO think is that:

1) Trump says (often loudly) anything he pleases, true or not, whether he understands it or not. And name-calls (we’ve talked about this before) or shuts down anyone who contradicts him.

2) Trump has somehow managed to attract a cult (yes, I’m gonna use that word) of followers who seem incapable of sorting out his constant stream of Word Vomit from facts and data.

So when Trump started throwing the hydroxychloroquine word around with wild abandon, NOOOOO he did not deliberately try to entice his “base” into ingesting aquarium chemicals. BUT. People who are often, well, “not all there”, do listen to him because they idolize him. It sure would be nice if he would use his position of power to disseminate ACCURATE INFORMATION, deferring to ACTUAL EXPERTS if he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. And it is my opinion that he doesn’t give a load of crap about what anybody else thinks, whatever their credentials are.

All that said. I just read a story about our own Henry Ford Hospital beginning a STUDY to see if hydroxychloroquine is effective as a preventative for the disease. I can get behind this idea. Taking a bad orange man’s (I’m owning that label youse guyz) ranting and raving as the gospel truth without evaluating it, I cannot.

Man I am getting tired of typing hydroxychloroquine. I wonder how many times I misspelled it!

Aside from disease news, I am noticing a small but somewhat heartening polly-tickle trend on my facebook feed. People are kicking back at some of my more rabid conservative Trump-backing “friends”. And I have even seen comments from people who were Trump supporters in 2016 saying they are DONE with Trump. Keep it up folks. Dump Trump. Bad orange man. We can do better.

5 Responses to “Hydroxychloroquine Blues”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I agree with all your points here. We won’t talk about those idiotic governors (Trumpers) who have put so many in their states at risk by believing your Orange Friend over scientists and virus experts. We’re mostly doing what we’re supposed to here in WA, although the Eastern (conservative) side of the state appears to think they are immune. They are Kool Aid drinkers, in the cult, and getting sick with Covid 19.

  2. jcburns Says:

    Wow, what a feeling of uplift I have from reading your thoughts on these days where crap is spewed far more than connected facts. Thanks Kayak Woman!

  3. Tonya Watkins Says:

    The manufacturers of Hydroxychloroquine are trump donors (Novartis), plus they paid thousands of dollars to Michael Cohen (it was listed in his documents) for access to trump right after the election. So, there’s also that.

    I’m so sick of this cult. So sick of suffering fools.

  4. Tonya Watkins Says:

    Then there’s this in the NYT: “Drugmakers gearing up to produce hydroxychloroquine include Amneal Pharmaceuticals, whose co-founder Chirag Patel, is a member of Trump National Golf Course Bedminster in NJ and has golfed with Mr. Trump at least twice since he became president.”

  5. Pooh Says:

    And of course there’s the fact that hydroxychloroquine is used by patients with lupus or rheumatoid arthritis, who are now finding it hard to get their Rx’s filled because of hoarders buying up the hydroxychloroquine to resell at inflated prices.