Pandemic Hoarding

Yes, I bought a case of these. You buy 50 cases of tp (or maybe you don’t) and I buy… Sesmark rice thins, original flavor thank you very much. We go through these things and we were out last weekend and I couldn’t find them at any pop-the-trunk or delivery stores and I wasn’t gonna go inside a big store for rice thins🐽 That’s okay. I looked online. Amazon does not have Clorox wipes but they do have Sesmark rice thins. In a case of 12 pkg. Okay, I will buy a case. We WILL use them eventually and they are individual packages so they won’t go stale. I’m not even sure why we buy these. They’re kind of dry and flavorless and Triscuits are better as crackers go. But they go well with some of our other Pandemic Snacks so…

I actually bought these for the GG (even though I also eat them). I thought he would get a kick out of unboxing a case of rice thins. And he did. But I did not let him open them until he PROMISED me he would wash his hands immediately afterward. I meant Happy Birthday Style, not Man Style. And that’s as far as we’ll go with that because TMI.

Speaking of Clorox wipes. I have two mostly full containers and I am rationing them to like 2-3 wipes a day. Front door knobs mainly. Er, except when “someone” absconds with them to clean “tools” in the back yard. No no no no! Use scrubbing bubbles or plain dish detergent or something. It’s doubtful that anything in our back yard is virus infected. I find myself checking Amazon for Clorox wipes nearly every day ANYWAY, mainly as an exercise in curiosity. For weeks, they were totally unavailable. Now they are showing up in 6-packs and other weird form factors but they are “prioritized” for hospitals, etc. That’s okay with me and I haven’t tried to pass myself off as a hospital in order to try to buy them.

It was a pretty calm day here in Telecubelandia. I facetimed with MMCB1 this morning after which I watched a weird little scene unfold in front of the Landfill as I attended work meetings. A car pulled up and a woman got out (with the car still running) and smoked a cigarette. She leaned in the open passenger window once to (I think) talk to a child strapped in the back seat. Finished her cig and drove off. I wonder if she had any clue she was being watched. I guess I am turning into Luke of Perrynet across the street who sees EVERYTHING 🐽.

I knocked off a little early today because it is 70 degrees and I wanted to sit in the back yard in the sun for a bit. It’s April and this is Michigan and it ain’t gonna stay this warm for long.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Crackers sound good to me right now(the satisfying crunch!) but I’m more a triscuit or wheat thin person. 🙂