Can’t find the Wheat Thins pics

So you get this instead. My blonde beach urchins hauling a piece of driftwood along the moominbeach. The grandparents were more welcoming of this artifact than they were with the old tire the beach urchins hauled home on another occasion. How old are these scrappy little urchins? I’m guessing 10 and 8. Back in the day when everybody wore extra large t-shirts even if they were skinny little minis.

I don’t have the Photo Search Stamina to locate the Wheat Thins pics today. Most moomincabin summers had/have food themes and one summer Wheat Thins was a theme. Somewhere on this beast I have a pic of various beach urchins and probably Sam (dog, not archaeologist) over at Cedar Point eating a box of Wheat Thins.

We USED to be able to WALK the shore to Cedar Point from the moomincabin. There are lots of boulder beach sections along the way and back in the day, I knew every single blasted rock all the way over there and exactly where to put my foot next when rock-hopping. Eventually some real estate sharks gained an inroad into that area and a couple of interlopers gained access, built houses, and took an Orange Doodly out on the shore and IN THE WATER to TERRAFORM THE ROCKS! I’m not sure what their plan was or whether they intended to make it impossible for people to walk past their homes. If that was their intent, they did a fantastic job. The odd thing is that their shorefront is now really ugly. So many people seem not to understand that Ma Natcher knows best.

I am somewhat comforted by the fact that they didn’t destroy the old submerged dock and I can still float over it in my kayak. It is a leftover from when the area was logged in the 1800s or whenever. There are/were a bunch of them in our bay and my old coot used to point them out to me when I was a little kid and we were sailing or canoeing or whatever. He called them “cribs”. This is the only one I can locate these days. I wonder if our new neighbors have any clue it exists or what it is, even though it’s almost directly in front of their house. Soooo glad the Orange Doodly missed this ancient dock/crib.

3 Responses to “Can’t find the Wheat Thins pics”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I love wheat thins. But I hate when people try to bend nature to their will instead of adapting to what is already there. You probably remember when one of my neighbors tore down a bunch of trees to build a MacMansion, then planted some trees in his yard. They blew down in the first windstorm we had. I couldn’t help but be evilly happy about that.

  2. Pooh Says:

    I see a lot of resemblance between this picture and the one of you of couple of posts back. Except that your mom had the foresight to have you wear a headband!
    Of course, it was a film camera, so more forethought went into the photos, instead of now, when we can just take multiple shots.

  3. Pooh Says:

    Looks like a wide beach year in this pic, can’t tell in the other pic.