Distancing with graupel in the air

We had something like three hailstorms yesterday. At least I thought that’s what they were. This morning my fave Great Lake State weatherman reported on mLive that we had *graupel* yesterday. Yes, it is a thing and it is NOT hail. I’ve actually heard of it before. And the pic is snow, not graupel. It’s a better pic and even has a bit of a lens flare if you look closely.

So now our state is locked down in that if we own vacation homes we are prohibited from traveling to and from them. I am not sure how that can realistically be enforced but I am in total support of our governor’s (aka #thatWomanInMichigan) directive and I still plan to follow it.

People need to start taking this seriously. I know a lot of people are but… Last night, a yooperland facebook friend was complaining that she couldn’t go out and get gardening supplies. If she could work in her garden (in April in the yooperland? Roight) she would feel less stress yada yada. Jeebus. Her own adult child (who I do not know but is an “essential” worker at a big box home store somewhere) shut her down PDQ by saying something like if you are buying something for fun or to ease boredom, STAY HOME! As the moom of a grocery worker, I TOTALLY AGREE!

After writing that last paragraph, I think I am done done done. I worked today and it was a pretty interesting day but I was HOME and didn’t have to go anywhere. I feel a bit guilty that I am able to telecommute when so many others are suiting up to go into hazardous areas for work.

P.S. My refuse carts are distancing according to the pickup rules, not social distancing 🐽

2 Responses to “Distancing with graupel in the air”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’ve never heard of graupel and will need to look that up. Snow? I can’t believe that people still aren’t taking it seriously with the number of cases in various states. And deaths. I too would like plants to plant (something about digging in the earth is very therapeutic) but I’m not going anywhere near a nursery, plus it’s way too early. We’re still having night temps in the 30s, although yesterday the high was 66 or so.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Ah, it’s another word for sleet!