Avalanche testing

Whatever That Virus has got on its mind, spring is coming to the Southeast Great Lake State. But not parts of the yooperland, which got DUMPED on. 16 inches in Marquette? Yes. But that is typical for ANYWHERE in the Great Lake State in April.

Here’s a big bunch of forsythia. This is just about the right time for forsythia to bloom or whatever you call it. I ain’t no botanist (or the daughter of one) 🐽 I took this pic out the passenger window of Mooon Yooonit yesterday as we were driving down to the river to tow the Lyme Lounge out to the geology center to do an Easter Sunday chill out. This huge cluster of forsythia bushes is next to a very crazy/tricky x-style intersection with yield signs (you do not wanna know) and I did my best because I didn’t want to ask the GG to stop.

It was funny though because just after we turned left onto Huron River Drive from this intersection, the GG pulled off into the gravel bote launch parking lot to let another driver pass us. Except he didn’t pass us. He pulled up beside us and rolled down his window. In this day and age, we are all nervous about any kind of social contact (although this was pretty distant) but the GG rolled his window down and asked, “What’s up?”

Well… This guy wanted to know if the Lyme Lounge was for sale. No. No, it’s not. The conversation went on and the guy looked familiar and we (and he) think he has approached us at the Landfill to ask this same question.

Avalanche testing? Jeebus. Talking about COVID testing via text messages with the fam today, I tried to type “available” (tests) and autocorrect turned that into “avalanche” tests. I actually LAUGHED OUT LOUD for the first time in recent memory. I am not depressed but boy did I need that laugh!

2 Responses to “Avalanche testing”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Avalanche testing is probably way more common than available tests for a pandemic. (at least here it is with all our mountain passes) You must have a very desirable trailer! Many real estate or rental companies want to buy my other house; I’m not ready to sell though since it has a lot of sentimental value for me. If the rental market gets tricky, which it very well might, I will have to consider it.

  2. jane Says:

    I love hearing about your weekly outings! and I have lots of commentary on testing (lack of), but I will not share them right now