Lots to think about today but let’s stick to spring. And birds and whatever. Years and years ago when the beach urchins were young, robins used to nest on the motion light we installed in the corner just outside our back door. The GG would always discourage me from sitting on the “patio” so as not to disturb the robins and their nest.

And then, for many years, no robins chose that place to build a nest. We think they are doing it again this year! Plus, we have black-capped chickadees using various birdhouses around the Landfill. The GG affixed washers onto the openings of all of our birdhouses. The washers make the openings too small for “junk” birds to nest but other birds can. I have mixed feelings about this.

I am not actually having much trouble sheltering in place, knock on wood. In the online banking biz I often work from home *anyway* and so do many others so for us this is more or less bizness as usual. I facetimed last Wednesday with both MMCB coffee friends. We porterization factimed facetimed last night. And we did a FinFam facteime facetime tonight with three beach urchins and whichever significant others could attend. I love them all.

We got a grocery/booze delivery today. Our grockery worker is currently shopping for three households. Her own, ours, and a friend who has COVID. Symptoms are mild but she and her roommate have to stay home. A lot of our grockery worker’s orders end up being booze so, well just imagine if you are taking a bunch of booze/whine/etc. through the checkout every day at the place where you work. So she did the booze run at Meijer.

How many ways can you mis-type “facetime”? 🐽

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I wish I could get beer on my grocery order, but I can’t. I’m not doing great with the isolation, but I’m not losing it either. Yet.