Reporting from TeleCubelandia

Date: April 17 and no this is NOT unusual weather for the Great Lake State at this time of year. Old Man Winter is not done throwing snowballs until he is done. It’s his decision. So remember those loverly flower pots I posted yesterday patiently waiting for me to curbside pick up some impatiens next month?

The kayak? It has been used at least once since last fall, down in the Huron River.

And finally can you see the wee bit of spiderweb in this pic? I did not notice it until I posted it on Instagram and Mouse pointed it out (click and click to embiggen). Apparently I am not dusting enough? Dust? What for?

We’ve made it through another work week. The GG has now spent THREE ENTIRE DAYS dealing with the Hoton Lake Web Cam. That means he has been largely parked in front of his computer for the duration. A spectacularly bad ending to the day. He opened up the food cupboard to check if we had Panko (we do, I think) and a bottle of tamari fell out, shattered, and sprayed sauce EVERYWHERE. He’s cleaning up the mess. I guess I need to re-organize the cupboard. Tomorrow.

P.S. The snow will melt by noon tomorrow.

One Response to “Reporting from TeleCubelandia”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I embiggened the photo, and then I saw it! I need to dust around here or do any housework. It seems rather pointless, as the cat doesn’t care.